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Class 3 | Wait for your turn | Shankardev Shishu Niketan solutions | Assam

Lesson 17 | Wait for your turn Questions Answers | Class 3 Shankardev Shishu Niketan Solutions Assam 

Class 3 | Wait for your turn | Shankardev Shishu Niketan solutions | Assam
Class 3 | Wait for your turn Questions Answers

There is a bookshop near our school. It is recess time for children. Many children are standing in front of the shop. Everyone is trying to reach the shopkeeper. 


Everyone is 

Speaking at the 

same time. 

Someone is asking 

for an eraser. 

Someone else is asking for a pencil. 

Someone wants a notebook. 

"Who wants a pencil and who wants an eraser?" 

The shopkeeper wonders.

Mrs. Chitra Barua, the English teacher, is passing by. She asks, ''Why are you crowding over here?" 

"Madam, I want an eraser." 

"Madam, I want a pencil". 

"Why are you pushing each other then?" Mrs Chitra enquires. 

"You can buy your things easily if you form a line. One by one, tell the shopkeeper what you want. 

"See, the shopkeeper is confused. He can't hear you." 

Now the bell is ringing. Recess is over. Children could not buy anything. 

"You should know that you have wasted your time." 

"Always stand in a queue and wait for your turn." 

"Yes, Ma'am. We'll do that."

Wait for your turn | Class 3 Questions Answers

1. Understand the meaning of the following : 

A) Crowd Crowding 

Many children are standing there. They form a crowd there Children are crowding there. 

B) Queue Queueing 

Many children are standing one after another. 

Children are forming a line. 

Children are standing in a queue. 

Children are queueing. 

2. Read the lesson and write 'yes' or 'no' against each sentence. 

a) The bookshop is in front of the school. True

b) Children are crowding in front of the bookshop. True

c) The shopkeeper likes crowding. False

d) Children are buying things easily. False

e) Mrs. Chitra teaches English. True

f) One should always stand in a queue. True

g) If you form a queue time is wasted. False

h) Crowding is not good, people should form a queue. - True

i) Everyone should wait for one's turn. - True

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