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Lesson 13 | The Golden Touch All questions and answers | Reader 3

 Lesson 13 | The Golden Touch | All questions and answers | Reader 3

Lesson 13 | The Golden Touch  All questions and answers | Reader 3
The Golden Touch  All questions and answers

Warm - up

Write down the names of six things that you wish you had.

  • Remote control car
  • anyway door
  • big swimming pool
  • private jet
  • toy house 
  • candy shop 

The Golden touch is a story about a man who was never happy with whatever he had. In this post you will get all textual questions and answers.


A. Answer the following questions briefly.

1. Who was Midas?

Answer: Midas was a king.

2. What is Midas doing when the play begins?

Answer: Midas was looking over his bags of gold coins, golden cups and a hundred things made of gold.

3. Who was the visitor?

Answer: The visitor was the God.

4. What did he offer Midas?

Answer: The visitor offered King Midas to give whatever he wish for.

5. What did Midas first think of asking for?

Answer: At first Midas was thinking to ask for thousand of Gold coins.

6. What did he finally ask for?

Answer: Midas asked for 'The Golden Touch' whatever he touch be changed to gold.

7. Was he happy when his wish was granted?

Answer:  Yes, he was very happy when his wish was granted by visitor.

B. Answer the following questions in detail.

1. What was the 'Golden Touch'?

Answer: 'The Golden Touch' means the ability to turn everything touched into gold.

2. Why was Midas unhappy with the 'Golden touch'?

Answer: Midas was unhappy with the 'Golden touch' as he was unable to eat food, all his food turned into gold he nearly starved to death. Also he unintentionally turned his daughter into gold. He had not thought that this wish was not actually a blessing, but a curse.

3. How did Midas free himself from the 'Golden touch'?

Answer: The visitor told Midas to wash in the river that flows through his garden, to free him from the 'Golden Touch'. Midas then runs down to the river and took bath in it. In this way Midas freed himself from the 'Golden Touch'.

4. What does the play teach you?

Answer: The story of Midas 'The Golden Touch' taught me that greed is not good. We must be happy with what we have.


C. Tick the correct option to complete each sentence.


1. Is there anything more beautiful

a. than gold on this earth? -

b. than silver on this earth? 

Answer: a. than gold on this earth


2. I wish everything i touch

a. be changed to dust.

b. be changed to gold.

Answer: b. be changed to gold



3. If i could only bring

a. the visitor back again.

b. my dear daughter back to life.

Answer: b.  my dear daughter back to life.

4. Do you really wish

a. to give away all your gold?

b. to rid yourself of this 'Golden Touch'?

Answer: To rid yourself of this 'Golden Touch'. 




A. Match the following words with their meanings. The first one is done for you.


1. King - ruler

2. shine - glow

3. grief - great sadness

4. pleasure - joy

5. sprinkle - scatter

6. starving - dying of hunger 


B. Give one word for the following. Choose from the words in the box.

1. one who collects wealth and hates to spend - supper

2. the meal you eat in the morning - breakfast

3. the meal you eat at night - dinner

4. early morning - dawn

5. 12 o'clock at night - midnight



A. Circle the correct words to complete each sentence.

1. I am dying of hunger. (of/from)

2. i can neither eat nor drink. (or/nor)

3. You will soon lose the 'Golden Touch'. (loose/lose)

4. Midas is now full of grief. (of/with)

5. Everything have turned into gold. (has/have)


B. Match the questions with their answers.


Following are the correct answers

1. Do you know me - Yes, certainly.

2. Do you want more gold - No, sir.

3. Are you quite happy now? - No, i am very unhappy.

4. Do you really desire to rid yourself of this 'Golden Touch'? - Yes, I desire it from the very bottom of my heart.

5. Can you live without food and drink? - No, i can't.


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