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Lesson 12 | Parents in the School all questions answers | Class 3 English

 Lesson 12 | Parents in the School all questions answers | Class 3 English | Sankardev Shishu Niketan Solutions

Lesson 12 | Parents in the School all questions answers | Class 3 English
Parents in the school | Class 3 

It was a Saturday. Sri Barua and Srimati Barua went to Shankardev Shishu Niketan. They were in front of the Pradhan Acharya's room. 

Sri Baruah: May we come in Sir? 

Pradhan Acharya: Yes, please come in and take your seats. How can I help you? 

Sri Barua : I am Deben Barua. She is my wife, Bhanu. 

Pradhan Acharya: What do you do? Where do you stay? 

Sri Barua:  I am a businessman. We live at Manik Nagar. 

Srimati Barua: I am a housewife. Papori is our daughter. She reads in this School. We have come to talk about her. 

Pradhan Acharya: Oh. Papori is a nice girl. I know her. She reads in class three. She always completes her homework. 

Sri Barua: But is she doing well? Is she friendly with her classmates? We want to know.

Pradhan Acharya: Papori is learning the lessons well. She has some good friends. They attend the music class too. They work in the garden on Saturdays. They are very active. 

Srimati Barua:Oh, I see. The school garden is beautiful. There are many flowers. I love flowers. 

Pradhan Acharya: Your daughter also loves flowers. 

Sri Baruah: Please look after her, Sir. She is very simple. 

Pradhan Acharya: Don't worry. I will see. I am glad to meet you. Parents should come to the school sometimes. It is good for their children. 

Srimati Barua: Now, would you be kind enough to allow us to leave you, sir? We feel much pleasure to meet you. 

Pradhan Acharya: Thank you. You are always welcome. 

Sri Barua and Srimati Barua came out of the room.


1. Answer the following | Parents in the School solutions | Class 3

(i) Who are the parents of Papori? What are they? 

Answer: Sri Barua and Srimati Barua are the parents of Papori. Sri Barua is businessmen and Srimati Barua is a housewife.

(ii) In which class does Papori read?

Answer: Papori reads in class 3.

(iii) Why parents should go to the school sometimes? 

Answer: Parents should go to school sometimes, it is good for the student.

(iv) How is Papori active in School? 

Answer: Papori is learning the lessons weel, she has some good friends, they attend the classes regularly, they also work in the garden on saturdays.

2. Write similar sentences with the following : 


Papori is active 

Papori completes the Homework. 


-Munmi is good 

- Munmi learns the lessons. 

(i) Papori has friends

Answer: Papori has books. 

(ii) Papori works in the garden 

Answers: Papori works in the garden.

(iii) Papori attends the music class 

Answer: Papori attends the yoga class.

3. Convert the following statements into questions : 

Ex- Papori is doing well 

Answer: Is Papori doing well? 

(i) She is friendly with her Classmates.

Answer: Is she friendly with her classmates?

(ii) Papori is a good girl. 

Answer: Is Papori a good girl?

(iii) I can help you.

Answer: How can i help you? 

(iv) They are simple. 

Answer: How is she?

(v) I may come in. 

Answer: May I come in?

vi) Srimati Barua is a housewife. 

Answer: What Srimati Barua do?

vii) The garden is beautiful 

Answer: How is the garden?

viii) There are many flowers.

Answer: How many flowers are their? 

4. Write the following sentences in other forms as indicated: 

Present | Past | Future 

A. Example 

(a) Present - We go to school 

  Past -  We went to school 

 Future - We will go to school

(b) Present - I go to market

Past - I went to market

Future - I will go to market

(c) Present -You go to shop

Past - you went to shop

Future - You will go to shop


I go home

I went home

I will go home

B. Example

He plays football

He played football

He will play football

(i) Ramu plays football

Ramu played football

Ramu will play football

(ii) They play football

They played football

They will play football

(iii) Mamoni plays a flute

Mamoni played a flute

Mamoni will play a flute

(iv) I play chess 

I played chess

I will play chess.

(v) We plays there

We played there

We will play there.

5. Arrange the words in rhyme. 

school mate work date cork 

glad fool  rice sad nice


School - Fool

Mate - date

work - cork

glad - sad

rice - nice

6. Convert the following sentences into continuous form (-ing) 


I come home - I am coming home 

He sings a song - He is singing a song 

They run a race - They are running a race 

Mani comes to the class - Mani is coming to the class.

Parul drives a car - Paul is driving a car

Ram and Jadu sing a song -  Ram and Jadu is singing a song 

They go to school - They are going to school

You tell a tale - You are telling a tale

7. Fill up the blanks : 

a) There is a garden in front of the school. 

b) Papori always completes her homework. 

c) Sri & Srimati Barua were in front of the Pradhan Acharya's room. 

d) Sri Deben Barua lives at Manik Nagar. 

e) The name of the wife of Sri Deben Barua is Srimati Barua 

f) Papori is an active girl. 

g) Srimati Barua is a housewife

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